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Thursday, 10 May 2018

My favourite makeup setting spray

With the temperature having reached a super 29 degrees on Monday, I have definitely been making sure to apply my setting spray to make sure my makeup doesn't just slide right off my face. In the heat I find it so uncomfortable to wear such heavy and full coverage makeup, but if you're like me and prefer wearing foundation rather than being au natural, a good setting spray is definitely the answer to keeping it on and feeling fresh. I always like to use a lighter foundation during the summer like the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation. This is a super lightweight formula and moisturising and is perfect for summer. You can purchase it here. 
My favourite setting spray has got to be the Urban Decay All Nighter. It is one of the only setting sprays I have used that actually works really well. It makes your makeup last a good 12 hours on your face before it starts to come off. For how long it lasts it is super affordable. I purchased my most recent one in February and I still have 3/4 of the bottle left. You can purchase it here

As it says on their website it is also perfect for if you are wanting that extra intense shadow colour, less fallout and even longer wear. All you have to do is wet your brush with the makeup fixing spray before you apply.

Thank you for reading and let me know what you thought of this post.

Lots of love,
chuck xxx


Sunday, 29 April 2018

Mario Badescu drying lotion

For as long as I can remember I have suffered with blemishes on my face. I have always been so self conscious and would never dream of going out without any makeup on, even if it was just a quick trip to Tesco. But finally after trying so many different products I have found something that actually works and it is amazing. I was shopping in Harvey Nichols when I was complaining to my mum about my blemishes and how I just wish I could sort my complexion out and within 5 minutes she had found me this god of a solution!!! 

It is Mario Badescu's drying lotion. It is gives immediate relief from break-outs and blemishes, so for any of you who have spot prone skin, acne or blemishes this is perfect for you. It comes in a 29ml bottle and has this pink sediment at the bottom which you dip a cotton bud into and dab into the areas where you need to. I've been using it for a couple weeks now and I see such a difference in my face and I am finally becoming confident enough to not wear makeup every time I leave the house. 

The only criticism I have of this product is the smell, it does smell super chemically and takes you back a bit. But if I have to deal with a little bit of a smell to have the best complexion then I really couldn't care less.

It looks like this:

You can purchase it at quite a lot of places such as Harvey Nichols, Ebay and Beauty Bay. Click here to purchase. 

Thank you for reading and I really hope this helps anyone else who suffers with blemishes.

Lots of love,
chuck xxx


Thursday, 19 April 2018

Dreamy swimwear

I am so excited!! Summer is on it's way, my absolute favourite time of year! As I am writing this now, the weather is so warm and the smell of summer is in the air and all I am is thinking about (while I should be revising) is bikinis, cocktails and summer vacations. 

I thought I would make this post a bit weather appropriate, I mean its probably not hot enough yet to be walking around in our bikinis but it is never too early to get your summer wardrobe ready! 

I have posted about Sarah Aschroft's collaboration with In The Style before but this is her new swimwear one and omg I am shook. All of the pieces are so cute and I am in love. I am so looking forward to summer, going to vacation spots I've never been. Washington, New York and Marbella ( I am buzzing ). Marbella is definitely a place where the most glam bikinis are showcased and this swimwear collection is perfect for that.

I have three favourites which I will link below ❤️

The first one I am obsessed with and will definitely be packing in my suitcase for summer. It is perfect for a pool party, beach club or if you just want to be super extra!

This second bikini set is to die for!!! I absolutely love the two colours together and the bandeau top. It is super flattering and will make your tan stand out that little bit more.

This third bikini set, omg! It is my absolute favourite. I absolutely love the sequin detail in the bikini top and the pink colour. It is just so cute and girly! Definitely a summer must have!!

All of these bikinis and swimsuits come in thongs too, which I love! But if you don't wanna be too showy they do them in normally bottoms. 

Swimsuit links:

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post.

Lots of love,
chuck xxx

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